"I am thankful and very grateful for the many people and organizations who continue to contribute to Team Jenna to meet our goals." - Jenna McKaye

* Dr. Gary Demers, PhD, Behavior Analyst

* Allie Lindsey Photography

Team Jenna

“The recovery concept behind Team Jenna’s mission to help victims of sex-trafficking is a remarkable one.  Jenna collaborates with local and national law enforcement offices and outreach centers, working with victims who start the long road to life after trafficking. By virtue of her personal testimony, professional connections, and personal experience, she is most effective in meeting the immediate psychosocial needs of those recently rescued and on the path of recovery.

Just because a person is rescued from further sexual victimization, doesn’t mean the emotional trauma stops. How does one recover from living a life where violence is part of a ‘normal’ day? How does one move on from the norm of using drugs and alcohol to ‘escape’ the horrors of torture and rape? How does one regain any normative life when depression and shame haunt their days and nightmares?

The answer to help the healing process is to get on board with Team Jenna. Become a part of something that impacts lives for the betterment of self and community. This is a huge global problem that each of us can tackle right in our own community, city, and state.”